Not So Sheepish: Lamb Plays With Dogs at Queensland Farm

Bazza the sheep had the time of his life playing boisterously with canine pals Tonka and Willy at their farm in Middlemount, Central Queensland, on September 6.

Owner Lauren MacKinnon, who captured this video of the trio at play, said Bazza and Tonka are recent additions to her farm.

MacKinnon told Storyful her partner, Bryce, found Bazza after the lamb’s mother died while giving birth.

MacKinnon said she “got home one afternoon from work to find a cute little black lamb with white speckles in the grain bin, along with a freshly born border collie pup we now call Tonka.”

Bazza and Tonka joined forces with MacKinnon’s other dog, Willy, to become “best mates.”

MacKinnon added, “We are in a severe drought here at the moment, so while we wait for the rain they just put the biggest smiles on our faces.” Credit: Lauren MacKinnon via Storyful