Not an 'animal lover': Hesitant Johor man cares for dog that showed up at his doorstep asking for food, shelter (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 — A Johor man decided to care for an abandoned dog after it showed up in front of his house barking for shelter and food.

The man, Abdullah Jamadi, who felt sorry for the dog, first tried to ask the public whether any animal lovers in Johor would be interested in the dog via a video posted on his TikTok two days ago.

In the first video, the dog can be seen in a distressed state and barking in fear as Abdullah tried to give him some food which it ate eventually.

Abdullah was also impressed with the dog as it performed a standing trick while he was feeding it.

What began as a video looking for help, Abdullah’s TikTok page now is filled with videos of the dog who he now refers to as ‘Boy’.

@abdullahjamadi Replying to @turtle_love8084 Alhamdulillah, dah tau siapa pemiliknya... #pencintahaiwan #abdullahjamadi #tiktokmalaysia original sound - Abdullah Jamadi | Cikgu Urut

In one of the videos, Abdullah shared that he was told by a gardener that the dog actually belonged to one of the neighbours in his area.

However, when he arrived at the place, the home was currently under renovation and the owners were not home.

“See, it knows that it’s his home. Unfortunately, the owners have gone abroad. It has been over a week now since they abandoned the dog.

“So, whether I want it or not, it seems like I have to take care of this dog now. I tried to leave him there, but he followed me back to my house.

“To be honest, I’m not an animal lover but I cannot stand seeing helpless animals,” Abdullah said, adding that he had cleaned some cuts he found on Boy.

In one of the videos, Abdullah can also be seen giving Boy a bath in front of his house while in his other videos, he can be heard talking about the challenges of taking care of Boy as a Muslim as dogs are considered haram in Islam.

Speaking to Malay Mail, Abdullah who’s a businessman living in Johor Baru said that Boy was getting healthier and more playful these days.

He had also found a temporary caretaker who was willing to take care of Boy while waiting for his owners to return.

“To send Boy to a shelter which includes treatment is not cheap, especially for this kind of breed.

“Many people have volunteered to take care of Boy, but we must remember, Boy still has an owner and he’s valuable. I’m afraid people would take advantage of that.

“So, there’s a kind volunteer who will be taking care of Boy from now on. Once his owner comes home, we will immediately send Boy back to his home,” Abdullah said.

He added that he will not hesitate to place Boy in a more suitable home if he finds out the owner has neglected Boy again.

He also said that although he will miss Boy once it’s gone but it comforts him to know that Boy is in better care.

Abdullah’s TikTok videos have been circulating across social media since he posted it with two of his videos having been viewed over a million times.

Local TikTok users can also be seen applauding and complementing Abdullah for his efforts.

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