Nosy Goat Keeps Opening Dresser Drawers at Ohio Home

Any housemate can have an annoying habit, and for an Ohio farmer who made the decision to open their home to a pet goat by the name of Alex, the bugbear with their four-legged cohabitant is its insistence on opening drawers time and time again.

Farmer Tammy Tunison from Oberlin, Ohio, captured footage of Alex’s habit on camera as she was watching TV, sharing it to Facebook on November 5.

Oberlin’s post notes the goat, “loves opening and closing drawers” on a dresser in her home, and laughed that “every time I close” a drawer, Alex “opens it again. Then he empties the drawers, but never puts things back.”

With no end to this quirky habit on the horizon, Tunison added that she keeps “everything in the reachable drawers goat-safe.”

Tunison regularly films humorous videos of her goats and other pets, posting them to her Hobby Farm Facebook account. Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful

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