Northern Ireland Green Party’s General Election manifesto at a glance

The Green Party Northern Ireland outlines five key priorities in its General Election manifesto, including saving the environment, protecting public services, a wealth tax, reform of Stormont and peace and justice globally.

Here, the PA news agency looks in more detail at the party’s 20-page Greener, Cleaner, Fairer manifesto.

– Greener

The Green Party includes six missions in this section described as being in pursuit of a sustainable and compassionate future.

The missions include making it easier and cheaper to reduce energy consumption with pledges to push for community ownership of all sustainable energy infrastructure and investment in solar, wind and other renewable technologies coupled with incentives to make these sources more efficient and accessible.

A man and a woman on a stage. The man, in a suit, is talking into a microphone and the woman, in a dark suit, is seated on a chair
Party leader Mal O’Hara (right) and deputy leader Lesley Veronica (seated left) during the manifesto launch at the Show Some Love Greenhouse centre in Belfast (Rebecca Black/PA)

The party also pledges to work to make green transport more accessible, to restore and protect green space, protect natural resources, support a more sustainable and secure food supply chain and protect animals.

– Cleaner

The Green Party pledges in a joint effort with its sister parties across the UK and Ireland to tackle greenhouse gas emissions by making clean, renewable energy more efficient and accessible.

Six missions in this section include speeding up the roll out of renewable energy and making the “right people” pay for it, fighting for stronger legal protection of the environment, water and air, strengthening international agreements to support the collective improvement and protection of the environment, measure progress, champion international relationships and renew and improve commitments to international aid.

– Fairer

The Green Party pledges to work for a fairer society, seeking to reform taxation to ensure those with the most pay their fair share.

A sign on a wall marking the entrance to a polling station
The Greens want to extend voting rights to 16-year-olds (PA)

Eight missions in this section include calling for the reform of democratic institutions, with the use of proportional representation rather than the first past the post system in general elections, extending voting rights to 16-year-olds, reforming political funding, strict limits on political donations and the abolition of the House of Lords in its current format.

The party also pledges to make government more representative and more local, restore and protect public services, end discrimination and promote human rights with legal frameworks and public awareness campaigns and transform work life with pledges to phase in a four-day work week and introduce a universal basic income.

In terms of fighting for peace and justice, the Greens say they will campaign for the UK government to demand an immediate bilateral ceasefire in Gaza and equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians, push for the recognition of the state of Palestine and press for the UK to sign the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, dismantle nuclear weapons and cancel the Trident programme.