North Korea's Kim says U.S. is 'biggest enemy'

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called the United States "our biggest enemy," and called for more advanced nuclear weaponry -- underlining the challenge President-elect Joe Biden may face with North Korea when he takes office.

Kim was speaking during a rare party congress in Pyongyang on Saturday. (January 9)

“No matter who is in power in the U.S., the true nature of the U.S. and its fundamental policies towards us never change, and we should strategically establish foreign policy against the U.S. and expand ties with anti-imperialist independent forces."

Kim added North Korea would not "misuse" its nuclear weapons, but that ”preemptive" and "retaliatory" strike capabilities were being stockpiled, as well as warheads of varying sizes.

State news agency KCNA also reported Kim saying that the dropping of Washington's hostile policies would be key to improving North Korea-U.S. relations.

Kim had three historic meetings with President Trump before negotiations broke down. Biden has previously called Kim a "thug," and Kim has called him a "rabid dog" that needed to be "beaten to death."