North Korea suspends military plans against South

North Korea has suspended military action plans against South Korea announced state media, KCNA, on Wednesday(June 24).

The day before, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made an appearance presiding over a video conference meeting and "took stock of the prevailing situation" before deciding to suspend military plans, the report released on Wednesday said, without elaborating.

It suggested that North Korean troops were taking down loudspeakers that were seen in videos only this week being reinstalled at the fortified border.

In the past, the speakers would blare propaganda, but many were taken down when the two Koreas signed a 2018 peace accord.

It comes after North Korea blew up a liason office on its side of the border last week and a rollercoaster of tensions between the North and South with Pyongyang objecting to defectors in the South, sending propaganda leaflets and food into the North.

They said the campaign insults the dignity of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and breaches their 2018 peace agreement.

North Korea's military was seen removing about 10 speakers on Wednesday near the demilitarized zone.

days after around 20 were reinstalled, reported South Korea's local media.

South Korea's Unification ministry's spokesman Yoh Sang-Key, says they are monitoring the situation closely.

"The government's original stance that inter-Korean agreements must be kept remains unchanged."

He also added that activities that may cause tensions between the two Koreans such as releasing anti-North Korean leaflets, would be "sternly dealth with."