North Korea slams South Korea-U.S. drills

STORY: North Korea has slammed South Korea-U.S. military exercises following six-day of air drills that ended on Saturday.

This reporter on state-run television KRT said the drills were “an open provocation aimed at intentionally escalating the tension in the region” and warned of "merciless" counter moves.

North Korea test-fired multiple missiles last week including a possible failed intercontinental ballistic missile and hundreds of artillery shells into the sea.

The South's army said it had recovered parts of a North Korean missile that landed off its coast.

It was the first time a North Korean ballistic missile had landed near South Korean waters.

The North's army said it had conducted activities simulating attacks on air bases and aircraft, as well as a major South Korean city, to "smash the enemies' persistent war hysteria.”

The flurry of recent missile launches included the most ever in a single day, and come amid a record year of missile testing by the nuclear-armed North Korea.

South Korean and U.S. officials have also said that Pyongyang has made technical preparations to test a nuclear device, the first time it will have done so since 2017.