North Korea fires new anti-aircraft missile

North Korea fired a newly developed anti-aircraft missile on Thursday, the latest in its recent series of weapons tests.

That’s according to state media KCNA on Friday.

This marked the country’s second known missile test within a week, after it launched a never-before-seen hypersonic missile on Tuesday.

Pyongyang has also fired ballistic missiles and a cruise missile with potential nuclear capabilities in recent weeks, shedding light on its steady development of sophisticated weapons as denuclearization talks with the United States stall.

KCNA added that Thursday’s new missile features technologies that boost its responsiveness, guidance accuracy and distance of downing air targets.

Pyongyang has argued that these tests aim to boost self-defense capabilities just as others do, accusing the U.S. and South Korea of “double standards” and “hostile policy.”

Thursday's test follows North Korean President Kim Jong Un’s offer earlier this week to reopen severed inter-Korean hotlines, adding that he has no reasons to attack their Southern neighbor.

Instead, Kim slammed the U.S. for using quote “more cunning ways and methods" by pursuing hostile policy while also proposing talks.

The Biden administration has said it has no hostile intent toward North Korea and has called on Pyongyang to resume talks.

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