North Korea accuses U.N. of 'double standard'

North Korea said on Monday that the UN Security Council’s sanctions committee was showing a double standard, after it slammed Pyongyang's recent weapons test as a breach of UN sanctions.

North Korea launched a new type of tactical short-range ballistic missile last week.

At the committee meeting Friday, the United States called for more sanctions on Pyongyang.

On Monday, top North Korean official Jo Chol Su said in state media that the UN meeting was quote "designed to negate the right of our state to self-defense."

He also said that "It does not make any sense that only our righteous self-defensive measure should be singled out for denunciation, when many other countries across the globe are firing all kinds of projectiles for the purpose of increasing their military strength."

Jo warned North Korea would devise a “countermeasure.”

It comes after Pyongyang said over the weekend that the U.S.’s criticism of its missile test was a wrong first step and revealed “deep-seated hostility.”