North Dakota Couple Given Plasma Treatment for COVID-19 Leave Hospital

A North Dakota couple have left hospital in Bismarck after receiving convalescent plasma to treat the coronavirus.

Video released by the CHI St Alexius Health hospital shows Betty and Gery DeGreef being wheeled out of the hospital to applause from staff after spending over a month in an intensive care unit.

Speaking to KX News, Betty said: “I’m just the happiest person ever that I could get out this hospital alive.” Husband Gery said, “There were truly times that we didn’t think we were going to leave.”

According to another local news outlet, KVRR, the DeGreefs received plasma transfusions from donors in New York who had had the virus and recovered.

The couple and one other CHI St Alexius patient were part of a nationwide clinical trial led by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to test plasma as a treatment for COVID-19.

Speaking to KVRR, ICU clinical supervisor Kristen Renner said: “Within 24 hours of the plasma therapy, both patients had their breathing tubes removed and they made a miraculous recovery.” Credit: CHI St Alexius Health and Quantum Productions via Storyful