North Carolina Police Chase Driver in Stolen Tractor Ramming Into Oncoming Traffic

Police in Boone, North Carolina, chased a stolen tractor on Tuesday, January 17, as the driver rammed into oncoming traffic, police said.

The Town of Boone Police Department said the stolen tractor was being operated by someone the department was “very familiar with” and named him as Ronnie Hicks.

Chief Andy Le Beau said the department received a call about a tractor being “driven erratically in a parking lot trying to hit pedestrians.”

The tractor hit several vehicles, including a police car, a dumpster and a church, Le Beau said.

When Hicks was approaching an elementary school, Le Beau said an officer shot the tires of the tractor since the spike strips were not working.

After a few miles of driving without a front tire Hicks turned onto a private drive, jumped off the tractor and began wielding a knife, Le Beau said.

Hicks was then tasered by an officer and taken into custody. No injuries were reported, Le Beau said.

Footage by Mark Denny Jr. shows multiple police cars chasing a swerving tractor in Boone. Credit: Mark Denny Jr. via Storyful

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