North Carolina Bridge Washed Away Amid Deadly Flooding

A bridge over the Cane River in Murchison, North Carolina, was washed away after the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred brought heavy rain to the area on August 17, according to local witnesses.

Casie J Ledford recorded this footage on August 18 and originally posted it to Facebook. The footage shows where a bridge used to be and the Cane River flowing beneath. Ledford said in a Facebook post this bridge was the only road into the town of Burnsville. Ledford posted additional footage showing the water raging against the bridge’s pillars and uprooting a tree.

“This is this morning after most of the waters have subsided,” she said in a post. “And the road! Too bad it’s the only road to Burnsville. What a time to decide to buy a house on the river. Just wow. People severely underestimate the power of water!”

As of August 20, at least four people have been found dead and 7 people remain unaccounted for following severe flooding in nearby Haywood County. Credit: Casie J. Ledford via Storyful

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