Norman Abdul Halim: "Zan Orangutan" will wait for cinemas to open!

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4 Aug – Filmmaker Dato' Norman Abdul Halim is adamant about his decision to shelve his big budget animated feature "Zan Orangutan" for the time being, planning instead to wait until it could be released in theatres.

The producer, who also directed the said film, revealed that the project cost his company Kartun Studios nearly RM13 million to make and that he has to ensure that they will be able to recoup. He believes that it is only possible to do so through the theatrical release, instead of turning to online platform as most studios would.

"Although we may have to wait a long time before the cinemas are opened again, I would do it," he said.

We'd wait for cinemas to open
We'd wait for cinemas to open

Norman stated that the company will use the time they have to enhance their marketing strategy, adding, "The experience of producing two previous animated features, "Ribbit" and "Wheely" has taught us to arrange a more specific marketing plan. This is important as the budget is way bigger than producing a live action film."

Norman stated that there is a possibility that the movie may be released next year or even 2023, depending on the pandemic situation.

On the other hand, the producer is tight-lipped about the voice talents of the said movie, and when asked, responded, "Wait for it!"

(Photo Source: Zan Orangutan FB, Norman Abdul Halim Instagram)

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