New Normal? Teachers Ditch Online Classes for Eerie Fire Drill at Near-Empty School

Teachers at a school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, had to abandon their online classes for their first fire drill without students present on September 22.

Footage by special education teacher Annie Tan shows the near-deserted hallways as only staff exit the building for the drill.

“I was just about to start a Zoom meeting with my students, and then FIRE DRILL. With staff only in the building! As other colleagues left their kids on Google Meets and Zoom by themselves… When you think things can’t get more absurd,” Tan tweeted alongside the eerie clip.

Luckily, the remote learning classes seemed to take the ordeal in their stride – with one pupil even deciding to step up as the new teacher.

“One of my colleagues told their students they had to leave the Google Meet because of the fire drill/false alarm … leaving the students hanging, and a student proclaimed, “I AM THE TEACHER NOW”," Tan said in a follow-up tweet. Credit: Annie Tan via Storyful

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