Nope, Not Done Yet: Super Tekla denies girlfriend’s rape allegation

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Sick of the drama surrounding Super Tekla and his erstwhile girlfriend, Michelle Bana-ag? Well, hold your horses, because yesterday the comedian rejected his girlfriend’s sexual assault allegations in an exclusive interview with his home network GMA.

Tekla, Romeo Librada in real life, said he couldn’t rape Bana-ag because, well, he has a daughter.

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“That’s not true. I’m in my right mind. I would never do that, Michelle. For goodness’ sake, I have a daughter Michelle, Aira; I have sisters. We’re poor, Michelle, we live on a farm. You know my family background,” the comedian said in Filipino.

“You’re accusing me that I am forcing you [to have sex]. That’s just between the two of us, Michelle, that’s a family matter. That’s a very sensitive issue, Michelle,” he added.

“You should have thought this through. It would be best if you had thought first about who will be affected,” a tearful Tekla said.

Bana-ag has accused the cross-dressing comedian of sexual assault, alleging that he would refuse to provide for his family if she doesn’t have sex with him. She could not have sex with Tekla because she would often feel ill from the contraceptive that he allegedly forced her to take, Bana-ag said.

(Also, women should not be coerced to have sex with men. Consent 101).

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Tekla said in his interview that Bana-ag refused to have sex with him.

“It’s part of our partnership, Michelle, which you withhold from me. You’re making me look stupid, that’s the truth, but I have adapted to the situation because you are the mother of my child,” he said.

The comedian alleged that Bana-ag had not been taking care of Angelo and that it was he who oversaw the child’s recent operation for anorectal malformation, a congenital disability where the anus and rectum don’t develop properly.

“She wouldn’t go to the hospital. I had to ask help from many people for that child because you didn’t take care of him when you were pregnant with him. You know that story, Michelle,” he said.

“You blocked me on Facebook. I had no idea that we were having problems. You wanted to leave me. I’m not forcing myself on you. You know that. You know that, Michelle. Six years. For almost six years, I took care of you. Six years all wasted,” he said.

This is not Tekla’s first brush with controversy. In 2017, he was fired by host Willie Revillame from the game show Wowowin allegedly for his habitual tardiness and gambling problems.

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