‘Nope’ Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who? (Photos)

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‘Nope’ Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who? (Photos)

After two horror hits in the past five years, filmmaker Jordan Peele returns with his third feature film outing, “Nope.” This time, he’s toying with an extraterrestrial twist.

The summer sci-fi movie will follow siblings OJ Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer) as they attempt to capture a snapshot of UFOs circulating their California ranch.

As one of the most highly anticipated films of the year, Peele has insisted on keeping the rest of the premise under wraps, providing cryptic trailers and urging audiences to wait until the moment they see the film to uncover how the Haywood siblings’ story plays out.

Here’s your complete cast and character guide to the characters in Peele’s third feature film, “Nope.”

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