Nokia’s reviving three classic phones for 2024 — but with some key upgrades

 Nokia 6310 2024.
Nokia 6310 2024.

HMD has announced three new Nokia feature phones based on past designs but with modern twists. Great for those who feel nostalgia for playing Snake on a Nokia that you had a custom case on that you'd bought from the one dodgy guy at the local mall.

The Finnish maker has listed them as the Nokia 6310 (2024), 5310 (2024) and the Nokia 230 (2024). This isn't the first time the company has reworked older designs for those who still love smaller, affordable phones. However, the tweaks this time are certainly more significant.

For example, the Nokia 6310 is essentially the same as the Nokia 6310 (2021) with a VGA flash camera at the back, a 2.8-inch LCD screen and a dual-SIM slot. However, HMD has added a larger 1,450 mAh battery (up from 1,150 mAh) and a USB-C port for simpler charging.

Meanwhile, the 5310 is now taller and wider than the prior Nokia 5310 (2020) model — making room for the expanded battery (also 1,450 mAh, up from 1,200 mAh). HMD has also added an improved chipset, the Unisoc 6531F and a bigger 2.8-inch LCD. The internal design hasn’t changed with the same with 8/16 MB memory, an SD card slot, dual speakers and internal FM radio as the prior model.

Nokia 230 2024 model
Nokia 230 2024 model

The Nokia 230 (2024) follows a similar trend as the other two phones with a relatively similar design to the 2015 Nokia 230, but with a larger battery. The phone keeps the 2.8-inch TFT screen with 65K colors. However, the device comes with a 1,450 mAh battery, a USB-C port, and Bluetooth 5.0 enabled by the Unisoc 6531F chipset. However, the 2 MP camera on the front and back, 3.5 mm audio jack and 8/16 MB storage from the older model remain.

HMD knows that devices like these draw in people looking for basic functionality and a low price, or older design elements, like having a physical keypad.

While these new Nokias look like they're from the Stone Age when compared to our best phones picks, or even the best cheap phones, they all offer the standard functionality you'd expect from a so-called dumb phone, including Bluetooth connectivity and a music player. However, it should be pointed out that all three phones are locked to 2G, and won’t connect to 3G and other newer networks.

HMD has not yet revealed the cost of the phones, but they will likely be considerably cheaper than modern smartphones. We will have to wait and see what HMD decides to price the phones at, but in the meantime, you can check out our best cheap phones list if you are looking for a good but expensive device. We also have a list of the best small phones if you want something that easily fits in your pocket too.

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