Noisy Brood X Cicadas Make Themselves Known in Virginia

Brood X cicadas have emerged from hibernation for the first time in 17 years and made themselves known, loud and clear, in Fort Hunt, Virginia, on May 19.

Linda Hosler recorded this footage of the noisy cicadas and posted the video to Instagram. The footage shows green trees buzzing loudly with cicadas.

“Brood X singing is so much nicer than regular August cicadas,” Hosler said in the caption. “Today was the first day hearing them. (Although check back with me in a month!)”

Cicadas come out in pockets every year in the central, southeast, and northeastern United States, but Brood X’s territory is vast and overlaps with areas densely populated by humans, Timshel Purdum, a bug expert at the Science Museum of Virginia told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Purdum said the male cicadas are making so much noise in an attempt to mate, and she explained that the huge population emerging after a long dormancy “ensures their survival.” Credit: Linda Hosler via Storyful

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