Noh Salleh's camp explains spitting controversy

5 Oct - Noh Salleh's camp recently blamed electrical shock for the singer's recent controversy, after he was recorded spitting supposedly into the crowd during a performance.

Speaking to the media about the issue following the release of the viral video on social media, Hujan's manager Ahmad Ariffin Ahmad, also known as Ipin, stated that the singer experienced electrical shock prior to his questionable action.

"There were some technical issues. Noh was supposed to appear with a guitar, but wasn't able to do so at the event. At the same time, the microphone had a problem as well," he said.

Ariffin explained that Noh had a shock when the electric energy source came into contact with his face, which was already wet from his sweat, and caused his mouth to go numb.

"Since his mouth was numb and there wasn't much time, he spontaneously spat on the stage to relieve the pain," he added.

The manager also stressed that the allegation that Noh spat at the audience is not true, as the distance between the stage and the audience was separated by barricades.

However, Ariffin stated that the team would like to apologise if there are indeed people who were hit by it.

He also dismissed the notion that Noh was experiencing mental health issues following his divorce from wife and activist, Mizz Nina.

"He is, so far, in good health. Right now, we are busy with preparations for our Hujan Rumah Kita concert that will be held on 5 November as well as other businesses," he explained.

 Noh sparked anger following video of him spitting on stage during a performance
Noh sparked anger following video of him spitting on stage during a performance

(Photo Source: myMetro, Noh Salleh Instagram)