NOC’s Ryan Tan ‘distraught’ ex-wife alleged he was suicidal, denies leaking their dirty laundry

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The someone said, she said, he said drama that is a successful YouTube channel’s implosion over social media continued another day, with Night Owl Cinematics’ Ryan Tan clapping back at damaging allegations from his former partner in love and business.

Three days after cofounder Sylvia Chan uncorked her own vintage of shade in a two-hour sitdown with drama queen Xiaxue, Tan hit back today with yet another lengthy statement – and of course, screenshots – saying he just wants to move on.

“l am tired of this. I do not want to be anyone’s hero or villain. I did not ask for either. I just want a clean break, be allowed to continue making videos, and be fairly compensated,” he said.

Tan first denied being involved in the leaks which kicked off the whole sorry slogfest on Instagram earlier this month, where Chan was slimed as unfaithful and abusive. And he certainly wasn’t behind the blog that followed, where Chan was accused of offering up subordinate for sex in exchange for logistics, and Tan was made out to be a really great guy loved by all.

Both Chan and Tan deny everything alleged against them. Neither has ever responded to messages seeking comment, even those sent today, and instead wait a few days to unleash a fresh fusillade over social media. It could be confused with some experimental dramatic series were it not obviously so hurtful and personal.

Tan also said Chan had no right to disclose his mental health struggles in her interview with Xiaxue, aka Wendy Cheng. She told Cheng on Sunday that Tan frequently threatened suicide, worried too much about what people thought of him, and “manipulated” her into becoming the company’s “bad cop.” It all served to neatly explain why she was so “crass” and nasty to her employees and colleagues, as outed to the world in previous leaked chatlogs and recordings.

“l am also distraught that Sylvia would give the impression that I threatened suicide to manipulate her. She knows this is not true and left out crucial details about my struggles. More importantly, the story was not hers to tell and I cannot believe that she would do that to me,” he said.

She also said that he had “crushes” on female employees that affected their marriage and was “never happy,” but Tan avoided the more personal aspects of their once-public marriage that have spilled into Singapore’s feeds. He said he would not speak publicly about their “personal issues,” as it would not solve their company issues.

‘I am the shit of Singapore now’: NOC’s Sylvia Chan blasts ex as mentally unstable cheat

“Many lies were peddled during the interview, but I will continue not to discuss our personal issues. I respect our time together too much to do that,” he said.

“I also don’t understand how airing our personal troubles would address the questions that have been asked so far. The conversations that need to take place are the ones with the talents and employees. Not with an interviewer,” he added.

In response to Chan’s claim that Tan has a habit of illicitly recording people, Tan denied saying that he had only recorded once during a meeting where he wanted to resign as director in May and added that the leaked video recording showing Chan’s impolite behavior was not his.

Tan ended his post saying that although they are “much more” to address, he will leave matters to authorities and his lawyers.

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‘I am the shit of Singapore now’: NOC’s Sylvia Chan blasts ex as mentally unstable cheat

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