No, this viral video of 'bombings' wasn’t actually filmed in Russia

The Ukrainians have intensified their bombing campaign on border towns in Russia in recent weeks. But a viral video said to show the aftermath of a recent Ukrainian strike on the Russian city of Belgorod actually shows nothing of the kind. The footage was filmed during protests in Kazakhstan two years ago.

If you only have a minute…

  • A video showing burning cars was widely shared on social media with people claiming that it showed a road in Belgorod, Russia after a Ukrainian bombing.

  • However, a reverse image search proved that this isn’t the real story behind this footage. It was first posted online two years ago and shows a road in Kazakhstan where protesters set cars on fire.

The fact-check, in detail

The video, which shows burned-out cars along the side of a road, garnered tens of thousands of views on social media. The accounts that shared it on X and Instagram claimed that it was filmed in Belgorod, a Russian city on the border with Ukraine, after air strikes carried out by the Ukrainian Army. “The centre of Belgorod, everything is happening as it should,” reads a post by a Ukrainian Instagram user from a week ago. The video got more than 1,800 likes.

However, a reverse image search (click here to check out our handy guide) reveals that the video has been taken out of context and actually pre-dates the war in Ukraine.

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