'No Ticket Turkey': Bird Tries to Thwart California Traffic Stop

A tenacious turkey tried to attack a police officer as he attempted to ticket a speeding driver in Livermore, California, on November 25.

The Livermore Police Department said the “no ticket turkey” was something to be grateful for at Thanksgiving.

Video from the officer’s bodycam shows him pulling a car over and walking to speak with the driver before a turkey making gobble noises quickly approaches him. The officer tries to escape the turkey by moving to the other side of the vehicle, but the turkey chases after him, making loud noises and aggressive movements.

The police department said: “We’ve all heard the song, ‘Friends in Low Places’. Well this week, this driver deployed the ‘No Ticket Turkey.’ Things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving: Having friends in low places like the No Ticket Turkey!!!!” Credit: Livermore Police Department via Storyful