With No Sports to Report, Italian Journalist Gives Updates on Coronavirus in Milan

Tancredi Palmeri usually reports on sports from his home base in Milan, Italy. But as the northern Italian city has become an epicenter of the global COVID-19 outbreak, he’s begun filming dispatches on the virus’s toll from the balcony of his home.

In this video, posted on March 12, Palmeri reported on day one of government measures that have closed businesses across the country. “The only things that are open in Italy are groceries, pharmacies, basic services like gas stations, and also, obviously, the industries that are guaranteeing the services,” he said. "Otherwise there is no possibility to go around.

“The counting of new cases just keep growing,” he warned.

As of March 13, Italy reported over 15,000 COVID-19 patients, the largest outbreak of confirmed cases outside of China (though countries such as Iran may still have more unconfirmed cases).

All sports in Italy have been suspended until at least April 3, according to reports. Credit: Tancredi Palmeri via Storyful