"What no Silksong does to a mf": Hollow Knight fan remakes Mantis Lords fight in 3D

 Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight

A Hollow Knight fan remade the Mantis Lords fight as a 3D game, which probably won't do anything to help with the wait for Hollow Knight Silksong.

As The Gamer reports, one super talented Hollow Knight fan has taken the intimidating Mantis Lords boss fight and remade it entirely in 3D from scratch, complete with operational combat and the knight's healing ability. The top-rated subreddit comment sums up the situation succinctly: This really is what "no silksong does to a mf."

Everything works here exactly as you'd expect it to from Hollow Knight: the Knight dips and dodges around the swirling attacks from the Mantis Lords, hacking away at them with the nail whenever possible, and standing painstakingly still to heal at any given opportunity.

Mantis Lords veterans know what to expect from the chaotic boss fight. When all three bosses get going on the player, carnage ensues, but to be fair to the remake's creator, the entire thing still runs sublimely, maintaining a really impressive 45 frames per second.

Even with the base fight to go off, the fact that this only took two months to develop is astounding. User Poly-Knight reveals elsewhere that the 3D remake was constructed in Unreal Engine and that they made every character model and asset from scratch. Fan creations don't get much better than this.

Unfortunately, this probably won't do much to make the wait for Hollow Knight Silksong any less painful. The story of the long-gestating sequel has been told to death at this point, especially if you're a Hollow Knight fan, and the fact that they were originally meant to be playing the sequel by this point in 2023 is still a sore wound.

Blasphemous 2's dev was worried about Silksong releasing close to its own game, if you want any idea of the impact Silksong could have when it eventually launches.