No respite for Macron as parliamentary elections loom

STORY: ''Macron re-elected, thanks to who?"

French left-wing newspaper Liberation made its thoughts known on its front page Monday (April 25).

Final results of Sunday's runoff showed Macron won 58.54% of the vote, a result in line with late polling but a higher margin of victory than many earlier surveys had predicted.

But the result also gave Marine Le Pen and the far right its biggest share of the presidential ballot on record.

And though victorious, Macron acknowledged that many had voted for him mainly to thwart his far-right challenger.

As he pledged to address deep divisions within France.

The message across the winning camp on Monday was that they would listen more, after a first mandate in which the President himself initially called his leadership style "Jupiterian," suggesting he would stay above the political fray.

In Paris, the reception following Macron's win was mixed.

“I’m very happy about the result because this president has already steered us through several challenges.''

“I voted for Marine Le Pen, and I’m obviously a bit disappointed with the result, even though I expected it.''

''He’s not going to do another five years of the same mandate, that’s clear. We won’t let him do it.''

All eyes are now turned towards a parliamentary election in less than two months.

Hard-left presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon - who came a close third behind Le Pen in the first round - immediately labeled the June 12 and 19 votes a "third round" of the presidential election.

That's a rare view shared by the far right National rally's acting president, Jordan Bardella who said the voting was still ongoing.

''We’re gathering the opposition against Macron’s policies. An opposition cluster that isn’t locked between the right and the left. A social and popular cluster that gathers French people everywhere after the second round."

It's another ballot opposition parties of all stripes will be hoping to win.

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