No recognition needed - Zuraida says of Selangor refusal to accept PeKT

Faisal Asyraf
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No recognition needed - Zuraida says of Selangor refusal to accept PeKT
No recognition needed - Zuraida says of Selangor refusal to accept PeKT

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin says the ministry's Penggerak Komuniti Tempatan (PeKT) will continue its work as usual in Selangor despite the protest by the state government.

Zuraida told Malaysiakini that it is because the state government has no say in the recognition of PeKT.

This comes after state executive councillor in charge of local governments Ng Sze Han said the role of PeKT members is "nearly similar" to the function of existing local councillors.

Ng clarified that the state government will not recognise any PeKT appointments in the state to avoid contradictions with the role of Selangor councillors provided for under Act 171.

"The Selangor state government has no role in recognising or not. This (PeKT) is appointed by the federal government to help the people.

"And it is to help Selangor too actually. So if he (Ng) did not recognise, there's no issue for us.

"We just continue our work," she said at a media conference in Ampang today.

Zuraida explained that the role of PeKT members is important to facilitate policies, launched by her ministry in 2019, among the people.

She said there is no use in creating a policy if it does not reach the grassroots. Hence, the PeKT would help "strengthen" the B40 community, especially those who live in flats.

"Those who live in flats are working class and they don't have time to manage their own community. They shouldn't be burdened with the task of managing their community.

"So PeKT is here to help and lead the community. It will also develop leadership among the community," she said.

When asked if PeKT would take advantage of their position among the community by registering new members for Bersatu, Zuraida stressed that this shouldn't be a problem.

"No problem with that. If they (PeKT members) are seen as kind and honest, surely they will attract the hearts of the voters," she said.

Last month, Selangor Bersatu chief Abdul Rashid Asari said PeKT would represent the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government in opposition-ruled states, and its members will be paid an allowance of RM2,000 a month for their services.

The Selat Kelang assemblyperson also reportedly said Selangor PeKT would appoint 288 members to be drawn from PN parties.

In Parliament, opposition MPs argued that PeKT was unnecessary and claimed it was actually meant to further PN's agenda in opposition-led states.

They, however, failed to pass four motions to slash PeKT's RM8.62mil allocation from the Housing and Local Government Ministry's budget next year.