No more ‘emergency’ aid packages for Ukraine, Pentagon says

Ukrainian soldiers
Ukrainian soldiers

The United States will be unable to provide Ukraine with additional military support without Congress approving extra funds, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said on March 14.

The $300 million aid package the U.S. Department of Defense announced recently was described as a "unique case," according to Singh.

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She noted that while the Pentagon will announce any contracts that are executed at a reduced cost, these were “unique” circumstances that allowed Washington to provide Kyiv with some much-needed support. Singh added that the United States considered the evolving situation on the battlefield, highlighting the need to strengthen Ukrainian defenses and withdraw troops from some regions.

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"The secretary [of Defense Lloyd Ausitn] and the president [Joe Biden] decided it was important to utilize [funds] from this contract," she said.

Singh declined to comment on media reports suggesting the United States has decided to equip Ukraine with ATACMS ballistic missiles.

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Washington announced a new $300 million military support package for Ukraine on March 12, which includes artillery shells and GMLRS munitions for HIMARS rocket artillery. This was the first tranche of U.S. security assistance to Kyiv since late 2023.

The U.S. Congress has yet to approve a $60 billion aid package for Ukraine. The Senate endorsed the corresponding bill on Feb. 13, but House Seaker Mike Johnson remains reluctant to put it to a vote before the House of Representatives, even though the bill would likely secure broad bipartisan support in the chamber.

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