No Labels votes to move forward with independent presidential ticket

No Labels, the political group created to build support for a third-party presidential ticket, has decided to formally jump into the 2024 race.

The decision was made after hundreds of state delegates convened Friday in a private meeting, ultimately pledging to move forward with widely speculated plans of entering the White House contest.

“Earlier today, I led a discussion with the 800 No Labels delegates from all 50 states. These citizen leaders have spent months discussing with one another the kind of leadership they want to see in the White House in 2024,” No Labels National Convention Chair Mike Rawlings wrote in a statement.

“They voted near unanimously to continue our 2024 project and to move immediately to identify candidates to serve on the Unity presidential ticket. Every one of our delegates had their own explanation for wanting to move ahead,” he added.

“Now that No Labels has received the go ahead from our delegates, we’ll be accelerating our candidate outreach and announcing the process for how candidates will be selected for the Unity Ticket on Thursday, March 14,” he added.

The meeting came after Super Tuesday elections showed President Biden and former President Trump are poised to become the presumptive nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively.

No Labels leaders have long contended that voters are extremely dissatisfied with Biden and Trump, setting up a case for a third-party candidacy.

Polling also shows that wide swaths of voters are willing to entertain independent and third-party candidates as the country faces hyper-partisanship and scorn for both major parties among voters.

The group has indicated they are open to both Democrats and Republicans and would, in its estimation, ideally serve as a “unity” option for dissatisfied voters.

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