No future for women like me: Afghan soccer player

"There is no future for women in Afghanistan. For now, for many years. So all the things become zero. Everything, everything destroyed for the future. With Taliban, there is no future."

Fanoos Basir is 25 years old, a civil engineer, and a former member of Afghanistan's national women's soccer team.

Now the soccer team is no more, and she managed to flee her homeland.

A former team mate is urging players still in Afghanistan to burn their uniform and delete their social media accounts.

We found Basir at a refugee processing center in France.

"We were not prepared mentally, we don't even know - our parents were prepared because they faced these things before, like in Mujahideen time, and before then, civil war in Afghanistan. But this generation was not prepared, mentally."

"Leaving your country, your dreams, your home, everything is so hard, for everyone, because we have lots of hope, lots of future plans, now it's all - we will start from zero. I really don't know what we will do with my (life). I want to start, continue my studying in my field. I want to work (on) what I was working in Afghanistan, because I study hard. And we waste our 20 years of life to get to this point, but I don't know what will be done in the future in here."

Some Taliban officials have said the group will allow more freedoms to women than the last time the group was in power.

But in some places, they've told women they can't venture outside without a male guardian.

Basir says this would mean bringing her father or brother with her every time she went to work. Instead, her parents fled with her.

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