No followers of Mawla Amin detected in Johor, says exco

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

JOHOR BARU, March 4 — The Johor Islamic Religious Department (JAINJ) has not detected any teachings or followers of self-proclaimed cleric Muhammad Amin al-Idrisi, an Algerian man who claims to be a descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

Johor Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairman Mohd Fared Mohd Khalid said there is no indication that Muhammad Amin, or popularly known as Mawla Amin, has a base of followers in the state.

“The Johor government will work together with the police to ensure that Mawla Amin does not establish his movement in the state.

“However, Muslims in Johor are advised to immediately report to JAINJ or the authorities if they happen to detect any groups promoting Mawla Amin,” he told reporters after the Islamic Religious Council Entrepreneurs’ Aid handover ceremony in conjunction with Sirim Berhad’s corporate social responsibility programme at Hotel Impiana in Senai here.

Muhammad Amin sparked controversy here by claiming to be a Moroccan and a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad after establishing a movement that is supposedly preparing its followers for the end of time.

Mohd Fared said he was confident that Mawla Amin’s movement would not gain popularity among the Muslims in Johor.

“I thank the Muslims in Johor for adhering to JAINJ’s circular and advice,” he said, adding that those who are disturbed or confused regarding Islamic matters here are encouraged to inform the department.

Previously, it was reported that police were monitoring the activities of the controversial cleric known as Mawla Amin among his followers.

Muhammad Amin claimed to be Moroccan and styles himself as the 38th descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

In 2022, he came to Malaysia as a religious cleric through a local madrasah. However, over time his background became questionable by several state religious authorities due to his dubious claim on his lineage.

It was later revealed that he has dual French-Algerian citizenship and has no connection to Prophet Muhammad.

This was later confirmed by the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Ministry via a statement that said Muhammad Amin has no affiliation with the Moroccan Cherif Idrissi or any noble lineage, as he came to Morocco in 2014 with his Moroccan wife.

In Morocco, members of the Cherif Idrissi family from the famed Idrisid dynasty of Morocco are highly respected due to their status. The Idrisid dynasty of Morocco are known as direct descendants of Prophet Muhammad.