‘No face masks allowed’: American shops prohibit customers from wearing crucial Covid-19 protective gear

Anne Grace Savitha
American stores have been putting up signs forbidding customers from donning their face masks. — Picture courtesy of Facebook/DanHensonandJacobMatthewLopez

PETALING JAYA, May 29 — While organisations across the globe are combating the spread of Covid-19 using protective measures, some have chosen to ignore these crucial methods.

Some of them, including restaurants and convenience stores in the United States have raised eyebrows among its citizens for publicly disallowing the use of face masks in their stores.

American citizen Dan Henson shared a sign outside an American convenience store on his Facebook page that caused an uproar in the comments section.

“No face masks allowed in the store. Lower your mask or go somewhere else,” read the description in the post.

His post has garnered mixed responses from netizens with some saying that it was important to wear a face mask as it showed compassion, care, concern and love for the people around.

Others, on the other hand, were not bothered by the urgency of this issue and told him to mind his own business.

“What is the point in wearing a mask two months after the pandemic started? It’s like wearing a condom after a woman is already pregnant,” commented one user.

Another citizen also took to his Facebook to share how a Californian hardware store, Ramsay One Construction and Flooring displayed wooden signs with similar messages outside the shop.

“No masks allowed. Handshakes are okay, and hugs are very okay,” read the description on the wooden signs.

Surprisingly, there were also a number of Americans who were delighted with the news as they posted love emojis and others also said that the messages were “awesome” news to them.

American restaurant, Liberty Tree Tavern that is famous for its colonial-style eatery in the state of Orlando, Florida also posted a similar message about protective face gear.

American restaurant, Liberty Tree Tavern posted a notice prohibiting customers from donning their face masks. — Picture via Facebook/BrettanyBoozer

“Due to our concern for customers, if they feel the need to wear a face mask, they should stay at home until they feel that it is safe to be in public without one.

“Sorry, no mask allowed.”

As of today, the United States has recorded more than 100,000 Covid-19 deaths while the number of positive Covid-19 cases have already exceeded one million.

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