No-budget DIY hack turns coconut shells into cute little plant pots

Rajan works in a private firm but he has a craze for all things eco-friendly and loves his home garden. To avoid hassle and cost of buying pots for plants, Rajan makes his own from used coconut shells. Once you are done consuming what's inside the coconut, save the outer shell. This can be used as an eco-friendly and zero-budget alternative in which to grow small plants on your work desk or window sill. He first scrapes the fibres from the shell, making it smooth. He then ensures that there are holes in the shell to release excess water in the soil. Then he smooths the surface and paints it with brown varnish. He then takes another half a coconut shell and does that same with that. He joins the two with cement -- glue also works -- to create a pot and stable base. Then the planters are ready for welcoming the plants, says plant-lover Rajan. The DIY video was filmed in Thiruvattaru area in Kanniyakumari district of Tamil Nadu state.

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