No bodies found in hunt for journalist, expert: Brazil police

STORY: More than 100 members of an Indigenous union in the Brazilian Amazon hit the streets on Monday.

Their demand: justice for missing Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips.

"As our leader Kora Kanamari just said: we all are Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips!"

Police and indigenous search teams dismissed earlier reports that bodies had been found.

The pair were on a reporting trip and were last seen in the remote jungle area near Brazil’s border with Peru and Colombia on June 5.

On Monday, The Guardian newspaper said a Brazilian diplomat told Philipps’ brother-in-law that authorities were trying to identify two bodies tied to a tree.

That development was not corroborated by Brazilian authorities or searchers.

It comes after authorities said they recovered the pair's belongings in a creek on Sunday.

“Relatives said his backpack contained his computer… all his belongings: socks, shirts, shorts, their work tools such as their laptops.”

News of the pair's disappearance has reverberated globally, with human rights organizations, environmentalists and free press advocates urging Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to step up the search.

The area is home to the world’s largest number of un-contacted Indigenous people, but also gangs, and illegal logging, mining and hunting.

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