No Baking or Gardening for This Guy: Dad Spends Lockdown Building Giant Kookaburra

Baking, gardening, finally finishing that novel – strategies to fill time during the lockdown have been widely shared over recent weeks and months. But few will have taken on a project anything like that of Queensland man Farvardin Daliri.

Daliri has been busy building a giant kookaburra in suburban Brisbane.

The completed work, of steel and fiber glass, stands at over four meters tall, and even emits the bird’s distinctive laughing call.

“As soon as he starts laughing, the other kookaburras start coming around,” Daliri told ABC Radio Brisbane’s Rebecca Levinston.

This video of the bird doing the rounds of Moggill, a suburb of Brisbane, was uploaded to Twitter by Daliri’s daughter Rafaan Daliri. “My Dad made good use of his time in lockdown,” Rafaan joked in the tweet.

Originally from Iran, Farvardin Daliri is a founder of the Townsville Cultural Festival and said he hopes the kookaburra will make an appearance there. The festival is scheduled for August, but the coronavirus means it’s not yet confirmed if it will go ahead. Daliri told the ABC that if it does, “laughter” will be a big theme. Credit: Farvardin Daliri via Storyful