Nitin Gadkari, family clap, bang utensils for those on frontline of war against COVID-19

Nagpur (Maharashtra) [India], Mar 23 (ANI): Joining all other Indians by taking part in thanking health care providers and emergency responders who are on the frontline combating novel coronavirus pandemic, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and his family members also clapped and banged utensils for them at his home here on Sunday.

"I salute our doctors, nurses, armed and paramilitary forces, cleaning and assistance staff, aviation staffs, our entire railway workforce, government officials, media professionals and everyone who is working day and night selflessly to serve our nation against COVID-19," the minister wrote on Twitter.

India on Sunday at 5 pm wholeheartedly participated in a unique initiative suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to express gratitude to workers, who are working relentlessly to make the nation free from COVID-19.

From Delhi's Jama Masjid to Uttarakhand, people from all walks of life came out of their homes or in balconies to thank the service providers, including doctors, soldiers, sanitation workers, among others for their selfless services to the countrymen.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi reminded the people to be on their terrace and balconies to express their gratitude to all those who are 'working 24/7.'

"On Sunday, at 5 pm, we should stand at our doors or on our balconies and clap for five minutes to thank these people," Modi had said in his address to the nation.

However, the Prime Minister today once again reminded that the Janata Curfew will end today at 9 pm, "but that doesn't mean we should start celebrating. Do not consider it a success. This is the beginning of a long fight" against the pandemic that has killed more than 13,000 people globally.

He further urged his countrymen to follow the instructions being issued by the central government and the state governments. In districts and states where the lockdown is announced, do not leave the houses at all.

"Apart from this, do not get out of the houses unless it is very necessary," he announced on Twitter. (ANI)