Nintendo utilizes Gom Jabbar pain box to hide Switch 2 from third-party manufacturers

 Man holding Nintendo Switch .
Man holding Nintendo Switch .

The Nintendo Switch 2 leaks keep coming — even if Nintendo is taking some rather dramatic steps to see that they don't.

Right after information about a larger screen size and new JoyCons for the Switch 2 leaked out, a new report confirms a lot of what we've heard while adding some new details. Spanish gaming site Vandal revealed that third-party manufacturers have been able to get their hands on the next-generation Nintendo console. But it seems that someone at Nintendo has been re-watching Dune: Part One.

From the Vandal article, which is translated from Spanish: “The Switch 2 information comes from accessory manufacturers who have been able to ‘touch’ the new Nintendo console: the company would have them put their hands in an opaque box so they could understand its dimensions and design without compromising secrecy.”

Having to brave a Gom Jabbar pain box to maybe feel a Switch 2 is old school crazy.

Vandal blithely remarks that this 7 seconds in heaven with the Switch 2 allowed participants to learn that the new console will be bigger than the original Switch, closer in size to Valve’s Steam Deck.

Other physical hints from third-party manufacturers confirm new Joy-Cons with magnetic suction. Supposedly, these accessory makers are claiming the next Switch will be backward compatible with controllers. We can only assume they mean Pro controllers since Joy-Cons won’t be able to fit on a magnetic suction Switch 2.

There were some other interesting tidbits relayed by manufacturers. Accessory manufacturers estimate that the earliest we’ll see the Switch 2 is the beginning of 2025.  It was suggested that the delay is so that Nintendo can bolster their portfolio of first-party games for the new console. Other leakers believe that it is to avoid hardware supply issues.

The Switch 2 is rumored to feature an Nvidia chip based on the Ampere architecture of the RTX 30. Previous rumors have stated that the Switch 2 will have enough power to equal the ray-tracing performance of the Xbox Series S — still squarely behind PlayStation and Xbox, but powerful enough for what Nintendo seems to want to do with their games.

There have been hints that the new Switch will support DLSS that might keep performance strong, especially if rumors that Nintendo will be underclocking the console are true.

In the meantime, try to keep your hands out of opaque boxes and your neck away from veiled super-nuns with poisoned needles.

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