Nintendo Switch 2 Reveal Set for March 2024, Insiders Say

Nintendo Switch 2 reveal in March 2024
Nintendo Switch 2 reveal in March 2024

The Nintendo Switch 2 reveal may be right around the corner, per insider sources. Nate the Hate, one of the most credible sources for Nintendo leaks, confidently believes this to be true. Developers may have already experienced the Nintendo Switch 2 reveal last August at Gamescom, but fans are still waiting to catch a glimpse of Nintendo’s future flagship device.

Rumors also suggest that Nintendo’s gaming partners are gearing up in anticipation of the huge reveal. Retail video game stores have started preparing for the release, as per new reports. Insiders also report that developers are preparing for ports and new releases for the upcoming hardware.

Is the Nintendo Switch 2 being revealed in 2024?

All of the information released regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 reveal are rumors, as of now. Nintendo has confirmed nothing when it comes to news regarding the Nintendo Switch 2. However, Nintendo may want to refrain from revealing the product too early as it may negatively impact current Switch sales.

After Nate the Hate revealed that the Switch 2 was ready for a public reveal on his podcast, another credible source for Nintendo leaks, Necrolipe, independently corroborated the same rumor. Necrolipe also holds the belief that Nintendo will reveal its future flagship console in March 2024, just like Nate the Hate.

Both insiders have a well-proven track record when it comes to Nintendo leaks and the community trusts them.

Nate the Hate has expressed that he thinks that the Nintendo Switch 2 reveal “will” happen in March 2024. To back up his claims, he also mentions the possibility of the console being revealed during the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

GDC is a huge gaming convention that may garner close to thirty-five thousand attendees. The stage is fitting for a reveal of such magnitude and importance. Amidst such rumors and insider leaks, Nintendo has not even acknowledged the existence of this future console. Hence, speculation is rapidly increasing in the community.

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