Nintendo Switch 2 release date just tipped in new report — and it's earlier than expected

 Nintendo switch oledn handheld display
Nintendo switch oledn handheld display

The Nintendo Switch 2 rumor mill just won’t slow down, and now a new analyst report is claiming that the successor to the ever-popular Nintendo Switch is set to launch in 2024, but maybe a little earlier than first expected.

An article from research firm TechInsights (spotted by Notebookcheck), has suggested that the Nintendo Switch 2 — or whatever Nintendo’s next-gen hardware is called — will likely launch in 2024. And while previous rumors have pointed towards a launch date that falls in the third or fourth quarter of the year, TechInsight believes that a release date in March or April is more likely as it would help Nintendo make up ground on Sony’s juggernaut PS5 console.

It’s important to note that this is just a prediction, and is not a confirmation of the Switch 2’s launch window, but it’s a timeline that makes quite a lot of sense. The current Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017, so Nintendo may want to repeat that launch strategy for its next hardware. Interestingly, the first-generation Switch was actually announced in October 2016, so there is a chance that we could just be a few weeks away from getting some concrete details about the Switch 2.

Nintendo Direct coming this month?

Adding further credibility to the theory that we could get Switch 2 news from Nintendo itself in the very near future are the reports that a new Nintendo Direct presentation is being prepared. An online tipster has indicated it will be held between September 11 and 15. This digital event would come just before the Tokyo Game Show, an annual tradeshow held in Nintendo’s home country. This would be the perfect opportunity for new hardware to be showcased. It’s scheduled to kick off on September 21, and Nintendo is already confirmed to be in attendance.

Furthermore, it’s been reported by Eurogamer that select members of the gaming industry were given a sneak peek at Nintendo’s next-gen hardware last month during the Gamescom 2023 tradeshow in Cologne, Germany. The gaming outlet also claims that Nintendo showed its partners a look at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on Switch 2 hardware — and we bet it looked fantastic!

This seriously exciting report could be a further indication that Nintendo is gearing up to unveil its next hardware in the near future. And considering the console has been tipped for a 2024 release date by multiple sources, it’s definitely starting to feel like a Nintendo Switch 2 announcement is on the horizon now. There’s so much smoke that a fire has to be brewing somewhere, right?

However, while there are tons of rumors and plenty of speculation surrounding the Switch 2 right now, it’s important to note that Nintendo has not officially commented on its future hardware plans. While rumors have suggested everything from a huge performance boost to a new camera function, for now, all these reports should be taken with a healthy grain of salt until we get word from Nintendo itself. Fingers crossed we're not waiting much longer to hear concrete details about the device.

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