Nintendo Switch 2 leaks just revealed specs and potential release window

 Nintendo Switch OLED being played in Handheld mode.
Nintendo Switch OLED being played in Handheld mode.

We know that a Nintendo Switch 2 is coming, with Nintendo confirming plans to release a Switch follow-up in 2025. And now we have more details about what to expect from the Switch 2, thanks fo a series of leaks.

Android Authority compiled the leaks into a single report that details everything from a potential release date to how much RAM is in the console to whether it'll be backward compatible with the  best Nintendo Switch games for the original console.

The first leak from comes from a popular Nintendo message board called Famiboards and the user LiC, which dug into shipments and customs data between Nintendo, NVIDIA and other companies. Their finding suggest the Switch 2 would have 12GB of RAM with 2x 6GB LPDDR5X modules. The RAM would offer a 7,500MT/s transfer have 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage.

While that doesn't sound like much in a world of Xbox and PlayStation consoles featuring 1TB or more, compared with the 64GB offered on the Nintendo Switch OLED, it's a big jump.

Serial leaker CentroLeaks cited a Brazlian streamer known as tvPH for a bunch of additional Switch details. First, they claim the console will launch in May 2025 with more information coming from Nintendo this fall. They also claimed that Switch 2 will have physical and digital backward compatibility with original Swith games.

The final two pieces of information offered by CentroLeaks concern the Switch 2's controllers. They'll apparently feature built-in microphones, which could also some interesting gameplay changes. They also claim the next Switch have an 8-inch display, which is a full inch bigger than the Switch OLED model. We've heard about a larger display before, so this leak seems to back up that earlier claim.

If all of these leaks end up being accurate, the Switch 2 sounds like a promising upgrade, though not necessarily a giant leap forward for Nintendo. More storage and RAM sounds good, but we'll need to learn about the CPU and GPU to know how much better the console will be in terms of gaming power.

A spec sheet leak suggests the Switch 2 will pack a eight-core Cortex-A78AE processor. That same leak suggested it'll feature 8GB or RAM and 64GB of storage, which is different than the reported specs in this most recent leak. That means one (or both) rumors are inaccurate, so we need to take these reports with a grain of salt.

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