Nintendo is reportedly showing 'Switch 2' to developers, with a "souped-up" version of Breath of the Wild

 Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch's successor was reportedly been shown to developers behind closed doors last month.

Eurogamer reports that Nintendo was present at Gamescom 2023 to quietly show off the "Switch 2" to certain developers. According to the outlet, the developers were shown demos of the new hardware, as well as demos designed to show how well the new hardware is meant to run.

Apparently, this included a "souped-up" version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the 2017 launch title for the Nintendo Switch. However, Eurogamer makes sure to mention that this was purely a tech demo for developers behind closed doors, meaning there's no indication Breath of the Wild will see a public re-release for the Switch's successor.

A recent report claimed the Nintendo Switch's successor is planned to launch in the second half of 2024. Eurogamer's report mentions having heard similar rumblings recently, but also highlights that Nintendo preferably wants to release the new hardware sooner, if it can.

Earlier this year in June, Nintendo said it planned a "smooth transition" from the Switch to its next hardware. The key to this smooth transition, apparently, is the use of Nintendo accounts, letting users keep their accounts from one console to the next, and basically keeping all their personal information. This would be a first for two distinct Nintendo consoles.

Elsewhere at Nintendo, the company recently confirmed Tears of the Kingdom won't be getting DLC, which surely came as a blow to many fans around the world. Here's hoping that there'll be a reason to revisit the excellent game with the rumored launch of new Switch hardware next year.

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