Nintendo Boss Shuntaro Furukawa Comments on Company's Stance on Using Generative AI

In a recent Q&A session with investors, Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa clarifies the company's stance on using generative artificial intelligence for creating future games. Furukawa has clearly stated that the company does not foresee the use of AI down the line.

When asked about the involvement of AI within the company as it becomes more prominent in everyday life, Furukawa responded, "Generative AI, which is becoming a big topic recently, can
be used in creative ways, but we recognize that it may also raise issues with intellectual property rights. We have decades of know-how in creating the best gaming experiences for our players. While we are open to utilizing technological developments, we will work to continue delivering value that is unique to Nintendo and cannot be created by technology alone."

The use of AI in gaming has become increasingly popular and so much so that it has drawn certain criticisms from players and creators. It raises a slew of creative rights issues as well as ethical issues. As Nintendo's rivals appear to go all-in on utilizing AI, including which Microsoft reportedly is making an Xbox AI chatbot. Last year, PlayStation weighed in and claimed, "AI will change the nature of learning for game developers, but in the end development will be more efficient, and more beautiful things will be made by people." Nintendo's Furukawa has noted that with their resistance to using AI, development cycles of games will be longer and are "unavoidable." He added, "[The process] is more prolonged, more complex, and more advanced. To deal with this, we are continually expanding our development resources and making the necessary investments."