These Nine Mexico City Pairs Prove Love is Real

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These Nine Mexico City Pairs Prove Love is RealCourtesy of Ruben Chamorro - Hearst Owned

By now you're hopefully familiar with our 'Love on the Streets of..." series where we spot real-life couples in some of the coolest metropolitan cities on the planet. So far, we've hit up NYC (home of Cosmo's headquarters), London, and for our third installment, we headed to beautiful Mexico City.

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We scoured CDMX and scouted nine clearly-obsessed-with-each-other couples to photograph for our Summer 2024 issue and asked them about how they met, how long they’ve been together, and exactly what makes their relationships work. Our takeaway after chatting with these lovers south of the border? That we've got further proof that true love does, in fact, exist.

Our next stop is Los Angeles. Stay tuned: We may be coming to a city near you soon. ;)

couple spotting
Ruben Chamorro

Saskia, 29, business owner; Kevin, 32, artist and entrepreneur

Years together: 3

Saskia: I saw him on my friend’s Instagram.

Kevin: She followed me, and then one night, she posted a beautiful photo in Tulum. I commented, “This is art.”

Saskia: I was like, Damn, that’s bold. You’re gonna comment on my pic?

Kevin: Then she replied to one of my Stories. Our first date lasted from, like, 10 a.m. until midnight.

couple spotting
Ruben Chamorro

Lorenzo, 32, dancer and model; Pan, 39, creative director

Years together: 2

Pan: When he was new to the city, I took him out to some of my favorite places.

Lorenzo: He impressed me. We’re actually just coming from Plaza...

Pan:...Popocatépetl. The first place we met.

Lorenzo: We went there to take some photos this morning after a tai chi class.

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Shot at the Volga hotel’s rooftop pool.Ruben Chamorro

Salvador, 38, designer and tattoo shop owner; Scott, 34, chef and restaurant consultant

Years together: 2.5

Scott: We live a block away from one another.

Salvador:We each have two cats. That’s why we haven’t moved in together yet.

Scott: It’s gonna happen soon.

Salvador: We need a house. For the cats.

couple spotting
Shot at the Volga hotel.Ruben Chamorro

Andrea, 31, accessories editor; Javier, 36, tech sales manager

Years together: 8

Javier: Every time we go to a restaurant, I make a note in the reservation that it’s her birthday. I think it’s funny.

Andrea: They bring out cake. One time, all the waiters came and sang to me.

Javier: And they were like, “So you’re a Scorpio, right?”

Andrea: And I was like, “Uh...yeah. Sure.”

Marlene, 34, digital strategist and influencer marketer; Christian, 35, brand director

Years together: 9

Christian: We went to a Caloncho concert yesterday.

Marlene: He’s a Mexican artist who is very special to us.

Christian: Sí. He sang our wedding song, and it was emotional.

Marlene: It was amazing. It was the first time we saw him live.

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Shot at Elora Restaurante.Ruben Chamorro

Fabiola, 28, art curator; Santiago, 37, filmmaker

Years together: 8.5

Fabiola: He stole my drink at a party, and then we started making out.

Santiago: We chatted first, and then we made out.

Fabiola: He doesn’t remember any of it.

Santiago: I just remember I got a phone number from a very cute girl. So I texted her the next day.

Fabiola: We moved in together two months later.

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Ruben Chamorro

Oscar, 29; María José, 29, real estate lawyers

Years together: 5

María José: We met in law school. I missed a class and I was kind of a nerd, so I asked him for his notes. But he didn’t take any, so that was a terrible approach.

Oscar: We saw each other in the hallway, and I was really ashamed because I didn’t get her notes that time. That was the starting point of our relationship.

María José: We started having cafés at university.

Oscar: Now it’s been almost one year since we became husband and wife.

couple spotting
Ruben Chamorro

Celeste, 35; Rodrigo, 36, furniture designers

Years together: 14

Celeste: We’re together always. We work together; we live together. We really enjoy going on walks.

Rodrigo: And we like cooking together.

Celeste: Even designing together.

Rodrigo: When I get stuck on the overall concept of a design, she will fine-tune it to look the way it should look.

couple spotting
Ruben Chamorro

Montserrat, 31, chef; Fabiola, 28, creative director

Years together: 1

Montserrat: She was my friend’s neighbor.

Fabiola: Her friend said I needed to meet her. The next day, I was at her place for martinis.

Montserrat: I’m usually not a U-Haul lesbian, but we haven’t stopped hanging out since.

Fabiola: Two weeks after we met, she was like, “Let’s go on a trip to the beach for a week.” We were naked on the beach in Zipolite, in our little bubble.

Montserrat: We still are in our little bubble.

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