Nine out of 10 Malaysians don’t mind receiving secondhand gifts, survey shows

Tan Mei Zi
The practice of giving secondhand presents in Malaysia is gaining popularity, particularly for its money-saving benefits. — Unsplash pic

PETALING JAYA, Dec 6 — 'Tis the season for Christmas shopping and for some, that might mean burning a giant hole in your pocket.

However, a recent survey by Carousell shows that Malaysians may not have to break the bank anymore when it comes to buying gifts for their loved ones.

Secondhand gifting is quickly becoming an eco-friendly and cost-effective option when it comes to shopping for presents.

In fact, the survey showed nine out of 10 Malaysians would be happy to receive a secondhand gift and 84.8 per cent said they preferred a secondhand item that they had always wanted over a brand-new item that they didn’t care for.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of shoppers listed value-for-money as the top incentive when buying secondhand as they are often able to find branded goods at a fraction of the original price.

Over 2,000 respondents took part in the online survey by Carousell. — Malay Mail graphic

An eco-conscious 33 per cent of respondents also supported secondhand gifting as a sustainable and less wasteful way to buy presents for friends and family.

Among the top picks that bargain hunters look out for when secondhand shopping for gifts are antiques and vintage items (57.2 per cent), collectibles such as vinyl records (39.4 per cent), clothing (33 per cent), electronics (27.8 per cent), and books (27.7 per cent).

However, Malaysians who are still skeptical about handing out pre-loved items as presents, say they feel anxious about being viewed as stingy (33.3 per cent) while others worry that recipients will feel offended at getting a secondhand gift (29.4 per cent).

Nevertheless, the survey also indicated that attitudes towards the practice of gifting are definitely changing in Malaysia, with yard sales, thrift stores, and online marketplaces becoming the go-to platforms for shoppers looking to find a unique and budget-friendly present.

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