Night Moves: Sophie Turner on Her Beauty Routine, Go-to Cocktail, and Fav Songs

The former 'Game of Thrones' star and face of St-Germain's summer campaign loves the French girl aesthetic and dancing to a little Taylor Swift.

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Night Moves explores going out through the lens of beauty. Here, discover how your favorite stars get ready to paint the town red, including what music they’re playing to set the mood, the essentials decorating their vanity, and which must-have products are taking up precious real estate in their evening bag. In the latest installment, InStyle spoke to actress, entrepreneur, and dedicated Swiftie Sophie Turner.

Describe your perfect night out.

A hot night out with friends around the barbecue, [St-Germain] Hugo spritzes, a bit of dancing, a good ‘70s playlist as the sun sets, and you're eating delicious hot dogs and burgers.

What are your top three getting-ready tracks?

“Good Luck, Babe!” by Chappell Roan. Oh God, this is so hard. “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys” by Taylor Swift. And “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac.

<p>Instagram @sophiet</p>

Instagram @sophiet

Are you having a brat summer?

Of course I'm having a brat summer. “Girl, so confusing,” I mean, it's just like a girl's bathroom conversation into a song. I'm obsessed with it. Love!

What's your go-to pre-grame drink?

The St-Germain Hugo Spritz. It’s my favorite drink. We're making our way into summer and I'm just in the mood for something lighter, brighter, sweeter—and that's exactly what the Hugo Spritz is and that's exactly what my summer is looking like. The spritz is not just for day drinking—it's a night drink, it's all the time drinking. It’s the perfect way to warm yourself up and get yourself feeling refreshed and ready for the night.

<p>Matt Canals</p>

Matt Canals

At what time is it okay to pour a drink?

Listen, everyone says not before 12, not before noon, but I think if you’re working hard, then you earn a drink whatever time of the day. I'll drink whenever I feel like it, frankly.

If you could get ready for a night with any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Oh, Marilyn [Monroe]. I'd love to know her makeup techniques and how the hell she did it. It's all about putting the mask on, becoming someone else. I just find her fascinating. I'd love to get ready with her, see her switch it on.

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Describe your going out beauty in three words.

Fresh, dewy, with a lip. That's more than three words, but ...

Any particular color lip?

Yes, it would be Pat McGrath, Nude Venus.

As you’re getting ready, what products are guaranteed to be on your vanity and why?

Always a lip liner, probably Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner. I really like my Face Atelier Foundation. Probably maybe a bit of blush.

What's your process for choosing an outfit for the night? Where do you draw inspiration from and how do things evolve from there?

It is an extensive process and it takes a long time for me because I just can't get it together. I'm ADD, so it takes me a while. I love the French girl aesthetic, especially for the summer—cool, chic, kind of effortless looking. For me it takes a hell of a lot of effort to look nice. It does take me a really long time to nail it.

<p>Matt Canals</p>

Matt Canals

What beauty essentials do you tote around in your evening bag?

I always take a hair bobble—or a hair tie as Americans like to call it—wbecause you never know when you're going to be dancing and you don't want to get sweaty hair. And then my lip liner, always. And what would be the last thing? Yeah, my lipstick. That's really all that comes off during the night, so that's what I need in my bag at all times.

<p>Matt Canals</p>

Matt Canals

Do you have a technique for misting on fragrance or a particular way of doing it?

I think I might be too heavy-handed. I kind of like to douse myself in perfumes, so I don't know if I'm doing it right, but people can definitely smell me when I walk in.

After a night out drinking, dancing, whatever, what's your skincare routine once you're home?

It is very simple. It's just a bit of micellar water cleanser and some Weleda Skin Food, heavy duty all over my face, and that's all it is. I'm a simple girl.

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