A night at an Egyptian museum during Ramadan

A night at an Egyptian museum during Ramadan

Location: National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Cairo

Visitors can enjoy breaking their fast yards away from 22 royal mummies

and an evening visit to the exhibitions after their meals

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) RESTAURANT OWNER, DINA AL-SABBAN, SAYING:"Egypt is a very beautiful country and it has many places where we can deliver such a service so that people get to know the museums. They see the museum and the country and at the same time, they can eat good food in a good place. I think it is a nice experience."

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) VISITOR, FARIDA MOSTAFA, SAYING:"It is really unique because you experience visiting the museum at night, there is no one there but you and the monuments you see, you have all the space, time and even the peace of mind to think deeply about the exhibits. You read about the new machines they are exhibiting. It is overall an experience that was never done before."