Nigerian resto blends African dining with Egyptian art

STORY: This restaurant in Nigeria makes you feel like you're in a coloring book

LOCATOR: Lagos, Nigeria

'Sketch Lagos' is located in the heart of the capital

The Egyptian-themed murals cover the walls, floor and ceiling

Patrons can get a quick education on the meaning of the symbols

[Mihydine Sibilini, Owner]

‘’It’s a new idea and I think all the people love to see something new, not just a restaurant where you come and eat and leave. It is very good for meals, very good for pictures and a very good restaurant, and you will see here all people love the painting and love the pictures.’’

"So many people ask what is the meaning of this picture and we are here to explain about the picture, about the story of that picture."

For some, the restaurant has become Instagram-worthy

[Adebayo, Customer]

‘’It makes it feel like I am in another place, like I can’t even place where I am, but it does make me feel like you’ve entered into art, I feel like I am part of art, being here.’’

The drawings by a Nigerian artist took three months to complete

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