Nigerian Authorities Visit Site of Collapsed Building in Lagos Amid Rescue Operations

Nigerian authorities toured the site of a deadly building collapse in the Nigerian capital of Lagos on Tuesday, November 3, as rescue operations continued two days after the incident.

This footage, released by the government-affiliated Twitter account The Greater Lagos Project, shows the Executive Governor of Lagos, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, visiting the wreck as emergency workers clear the rubble.

In a Facebook post Sanwo-Olu said “an independent panel to probe and investigate the remote and immediate causes of the incident and to also make recommendations on how to prevent future occurrence will be set up. We are already conducting an internal probe to find out what went wrong and punish those indicted.”

Nine survivors and the bodies of 10 people who died in the incident were recovered from the site, as of November 2. Credit: The Greater Lagos Project via Storyful

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