Nigerian artist's installations draw attention to plastic waste

This installation is made of recycled plastic bottles

Location: Lagos Nigeria

It was created by Nigerian artist Abdulrasaq Babalola

to raise awareness about the environmental dangers of plastic pollution

(SOUNDBITE) (English) MULTIMEDIA ARTIST, ABDULRASAQ BABALOLA, SAYING: ''I just want the government to understand the message that I am trying to pass which is that plastic is actually beautiful, but at the same time plastic pollution is dangerous, like dangerous to humans and dangerous to our aquatic animals.”

His team spent two days collecting over 5,000 discarded plastic bottles


''If you look at the angel behind me right there, you will see that the wings are the ones illuminating the angel while she is on an oxygen mask. The wings serve as her beauty, they are useful to her which is illuminating her, and at the same time it is harming her, which is the oxygen mask that she is putting on.''

''There can never be too much awareness on plastic pollution and I hope to be part of the solution and I hope when people see these works when it launches, people will know that this is human invention that is intentional, so we can retrace our steps because this is affecting our environment, our marine animals and so we can tackle this in time before it gets too late.''

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