Nigerian artist teaches children about social issues

STORY: This Nigerian artist is using her creativity to teach children

about social issues that might affect them

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

(Chidinma Ikegwuonu, Artist)

‘’I brought painting to them to explore their creativity, so and also use it to speak out on some social vices that I felt those kids are passing through but no body to help them or no body to give them a listening ear.’’

Chidinma Ikegwuonu teaches kids from low-income communities

about their right to an education

She also raises money to help the poorest children

‘’We’ve had partners and sponsors that make sure that some of these kids they get a full session scholarship back to school because I think it will be of no use for me preaching importance of education to them and at the end of the day I still leave them behind where I met them.’

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