Nigeria destroys 1 mln donated AstraZeneca vaccines

Offloaded from the back of a truck in this Abuja dump site,

these are some of the more than one million expired AstraZeneca vaccines destroyed in Nigeria on Wednesday (December 22).

The destruction came more than a week after health authorities said some donated COVID-19 doses had a shelf-life that left only weeks to administer the shots.

The National Primary Health Care Development Agency executive director Faisal Shuaib reassured those wary of the shots.

''We have come through in our promise to all Nigerians to be transparent in our delivery of vaccines. These vaccines did not expire before we took the decision to withdraw them. Today is an opportunity for Nigerians to have further faith in our vaccination programme."

Nigeria's health minister has said the country will no longer accept vaccines with a short shelf-life, citing a presidential committee decision.

Health experts say Nigeria needs to triple its vaccination drive from just over 100,000 doses a day to meet its target to inoculate more than half its population by the end of next year.

Nigeria has recently seen a surge in vaccine supply, which has highlighted other issues relating to distribution and hesitation by citizens to roll up their sleeves.

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